Tribal Tattoo Designs Idea With Meaning For Men Women

Tribal tattoo originated from ancient tribal art till now the modern tribal tattoo based on ancient design. This type of tattoo symbol the story of that person’s heritage & achievements, as well as protection, power & strength.

There is no specific body part for tribal tattoo. So basically, tribal tattoo is a type of design which includes the generous amount of solid black portion . And most of the cases it’s ages are sharp. Modern artist do some shades & colour to make new trend. For further knowledge, this tattoo even use for medicinal purposes.

Tribal Tattoo Meaning

Tribal tattoo meaning depends on various cultures like Borneo, Aztec culture,United states, Hawaii, Maori, New Zealand, Samoa, Polynesia etc. Each and every culture used their own art to establish their social status & family identification.

Tribal Tattoos

There are so many types of tribal Tattoo, it’s basically based upon different country’s culture & heritage. Here some types –

  1. African tribal Tattoo:

Africa is famous for its story line, and when it’s about their tribal tattoo there are so many things gathering in mind. In Africa whoever wearing a tribal tattoo he/she wants to show the bravery, courageousness & strength. The African tribal tattoo heavier on the shading than others. Though their tribal tattoo shows the history but history show us that African use it as purely aesthetic purposes also.

  • Aztec tribal Tattoo:

Ancient Aztec culture inspired in 14th to 16th century. They used tribal tattoo as a body art for decorative as well as symbolic purpose. Their tattoo mainly represent the social standing, honor the God or instill fear in their enemies. Warriors were adorned with body art that was visually appealing & rich in symbolism.

  • Borneo tribal Tattoo:

Borneo tribal tattoo holds up its place over time. Their art work based on simple coloring along with bold black lines. Borneo tattoo artist & tattoo obsessed are less interested to fade or blurring. Whenever you see solid bold black lines tattoo keep in mind they are from Borneo or they really love Borneo culture.

  • Hawaii tribal tattoo:

Hawaii, the name itself reminder of vacations, some off days or just weekend where you can relax yourself. Thus, Hawaiian tribal tattoo have not that much heavy hard meaning inside it. It’s some sort of soft version. Hawaiian culture obsessed with ocean.

Their traditions come from western colonial culture. Most of the Hawaiian tribal tattoo contain flowers, sun, star, ocean, plum tree & weaves . This type of tattoo shows a cool personality person who love to hang out surrounding with water and also outdoors.

  • United States tribal Tattoo:

United states tattoo culture similar with African i.e. they use it for aesthetic purposes. More interestingly united states women use the tribal tattoo for substitute of accessories or jewel. united states itself have so many hidden outstanding culture in every corner of this country, so it quite obvious they have so many varieties of tribal tattoo.

From simply straight line to complex God mystery everything you can see in united states tribal tattoo. united states is a religious county, that means they are strongly believe in God. In other media whoever choose to make tattoo, most of them use God’s name which is symbol of power & strength. united states tribal tattoo represent the freedom of creativity input which actually they are.

  • Mexican tribal Tattoo:

We all are fascinating when it’s about Mexico. Mexico itself a living art. They have a mind-blowing art sense. Therefore, their tribal tattoo also hits different. We can easily see in their tribal tattoo, it basically inspired from their impressive architecture. Mexican tribal tattoo relates with their nation pride, it shows their loyalty. We must say, Mexico tribal tattoo are unique.

  • Polynesia tribal Tattoo:

There are over 1000 island in Polynesia. Thus you can see the similarity with Hawaii in their tribal tattoo. Polynesian tribal tattoo also unique in their sense. They have Creative freedom with what they decide to do. But in Polynesia there is a serious subject which type of tattoo you choose for which body part. Because the meaning will be change according to their place. Their tribal tattoo mostly use the black ink with negative space which is pleasing to eye.

Tribal Tattoos Ideas

Here see some ideas-

  1. Back tribal Tattoo:

If you want to do tribal tattoo back is the perfect location for that. Here you have large place to for detail design. The advantage is no restriction of space, you can add more images & deeply symbolic design. Small tattoo also looks too cool at back. It’s a versatile location so it’s perfect place if you want privacy. Another benefit it’s least painful because of thick skin & muscles. For men it’s ideal place to highlight back muscles.

  • Neck tribal Tattoo:

Neck tribal tattoo is a brilliant choice to show off your body art. But yes it’s really painful. For some men it’s show their strength that the could endure the pain. Neck tribal tattoo symbolic for honour & heritage.

  • Thigh tribal Tattoo:

Like the back it’s also a versatile location & also low painful to make tattoo. If you want privacy then cover it easily if you want to show it then you can also show it easily. The best part of tribal tattoo is it easily can capture the body curves and muscle. Thigh is also a large enough to add some much more details.

Tribal Tattoo Designs

  1. Sun tribal Tattoo:

Sun is a universal source of light. It’s shows the power, protection, strength and many more. Because it’s the only source of light for earth, so people believe it represents for guidance, direction & life. Plant can grow in sunlight that’s why it relates with birth & growth. Even ancient people respected it as well as feared by the power of sun. In general it has a incredibly meaningful according to the place. The meaning vary culture to culture.

  • Feather tribal Tattoo:

Feather is very important for some culture. You can choose feather tribal tattoo both for symbolic and decorative purposes. For example, warriors do eagle feather Tribal tattoo do instill the fear in their enemies. Because eagle represent for power & courage. Here some more designs you can choose for tribal tattoo- wolf, dragon, eagle, bear turtle and many more.

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