Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs Idea With Meaning For Men Women

Lord Shiva has been mentioned ever since the origin of mankind, even at the time of Harappan civilization, Lord Shiva was worshiped as Pashupati.

Hinduism is one of the ancient religions. Different types of people believe in different symbols in one religion. Many gods are believed in this religion, Lord Shiva is very much believed by the people in this religion, because everyone is aware of the power and glory of Lord Shiva. In Hinduism, Lord Shiva’s idols get their tattoos done on any part of their body. The practice of tattooing has been going on since ancient times.  On any part of Lord Shiva, it makes a symbol of Lord Shiva and the same is called the Lord Shiva tattoo.

Lord Shiva Tattoo Meaning

The meaning of Shiva tattoo is very unique. if you get Shiva’s tattoo in your chest that means you are strong enough to overcome the fear.

If you get Lord Shiva tattooed on your chest, it means that you will always be blessed by God in your life and you will be very successful in your life. It is also called a symbol of success.  If you get Shiva’s tattoo done on your wrists or arms, it means that you will always force your life with your hard work. If you get a tattoo of Lord Shiva’s symbol Om Trishul, then this Shiva’s tattoo is very much auspicious for you.

It is good, it is considered very lucky in Vedas and Puranas to have a trident on your body. It means that you are very confident. You feel very confident about getting a tattoo of Om and Trishul. Many people get Lord Shiva’s tattoo made just to show off to friends or for fashion. By doing this, they insult Lord Shiva because Shiva doesn’t tell us that he made my tattoo. We should believe in Lord Shiva in our pure heart.

Lord Shiva Tattoo Designs and Ideas

if you get a Shiva tattoo in your arms, this Shiva tattoo looks very gorgeous and attractive. by getting Shiva tattoo on arms, an illusion is created that your arms looks bigger than usual.

Om and Trishul are also a symbol of Lord Shiva, although you can get this tattoo made on any part of your body, but if you get this tattoo made on your arms or wrists, it looks very good.  Apart from this, if you want, you can get this tattoo made on your back. Apart from this, many people also make Lord Shiva’s Damru with Om Trishul.

Tattoos of Om and Trishul mean power. They are also called a symbol of power. Many people have this Shiva’s tattoo on their hand to control their power. Many people also believe that if Om and Trishul are made on our hands, then they protect us from evil spirits.

The symbol of Lord Shiva’s whole body is also made quite a lot. A lot of tattoos are mostly made in front of the chest or on the waist. This tattoo covers a lot of your body parts. It is said that if you want to see the whole face of Lord Shiva, if you get tattoos made on your body, then Lord Shiva is always with you and always gives you wisdom and strength. But some people also believe that if you get a Shiva design, then you start getting more angry like Lord Shiva and you can prove to be destructive.

Lord Shiva Tattoo Men and Women

if you are a women and you get a Shiva tattoo design on you back. So now you looks more attractive than others. if you are a boy or a men that you should get a Shiva tattoo on your chest. it looks very dashing.

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