Jungkook Tattoo Designs Idea With Meaning For Men Women

It’s impossible to keep up with the seemingly ever-growing tattoo collection. The public was first aware of the first tattoo of the singer in September of 2019. After BTS, the group’s month-long vacation, the group gathered at the Incheon International Airport in South Korea on September 15, when ARMYs first saw Jungkook’s tattoos on his hands.

Although fans could only catch just a glimpse of the tattoos, the tattoos were enough to create an uproar.

Now, it’s the year 2022, and the ARMYs are still unable to believe that Jungkook got an impressive tribute to his fans tattooed onto his body. Jungkook’s ink collection has been slowly disclosed since that day, and if you’re unable to keep track of the amount of tattoos BTS’ Jungkook has, here’s an exhaustive list of all the tattoos he has.

Many of Jungkook’s tats appear more prominent than others.

However, the ARMYs have put together the various views and even glimpses to speculate about what each is. The tats range from the “ARMY” writing on his hand and the cute emoji that adorns his finger to the mysterious hand skeleton on his arm.

This list includes every single piece of ink that ARMYs have observed on Jungkook. Fans might not understand the significance behind them (unless Jungkook decides to make it clear himself), But that’s fine because they are loved by fans and all the mystery they bring. Without further delay, here are the tattoos people are seeing on the Jungkook thus far.

Best Tattoos design, Ideas And Meaning

Here is the list of best jungkook tattoo designs, jungkook tattoo ideas and jungkook tattoo meaning. These are the best jungkook tattoos for men and women.


Jungkook received this tattoo during BTS ‘ long vacation in the summer of 2019. The letter A in ARMY is asymmetrical, with no lines through it, and looks like an upside-down V. Many fans believe that it’s the result of BTS their fandom identity “ARMY,” and the initials of members (V, RM, and Yoongi).


The “J” on Jungkook’s right finger in the ring is over the “M” in ARMY, further inspiring the members of the initials theory. They believe that it represents Jimin J-Hope, J-Hope, and Jin’s names.

Plus Signs

If the theory of ARMYs about Jungkook’s “ARMY” tattoo is correct, the plus signs could be a connection between “ARMY” and the member’s Initials.

A Heart

Just beneath his “ARMY” tattoo is a simple heart, which may signify his affection for Armies.

The ARMY Logo

In conjunction with Jungkook’s “ARMY,” that is the official ARMY symbol, and it is identical to BTS’ logo, however, reversed.

A Crown

The crown is on the right side of his pointer finger, making it one of his most prominent tattoos. It’s unclear what it could symbolize. However, the Army hasn’t managed to reach a consensus on a single meaning.


“0613” is tattooed below Jungkook’s right thumb. The fans believe it’s a reference to June 13, also known as the date BTS first came out in 2013.

An Emoji

You’ve probably noticed that Jungkook’s right hand is covered in tiny tattoos. If you think you’ve seen all of them, take a second look, as on the right hand of Jungkook’s is a tiny Emoji. This is the “woozy” face, to be precise, according to Emojipedia.

An Eye

After the Bang Bang Con virtual concert on the 14th of June, 2020, BTS was seen exiting the venue where the concert was held. As Jungkook made his way to his car, keen-eyed fans saw a previously unseen tattoo on his elbow, and it was a golden-colored eye. In the wake of Jungkook getting so many tattoos within a couple of months, people will be watching for any new tattoos he adds additional tattoos to his portfolio as the time progresses.

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