Hand Tattoos For Men Designs Idea With Meaning

Hand tattoos for men are bold. Hand tattoos are very visible and painful to get, if you plan for a professional career then think twice about it. For example, sometimes hand tattoos symbolises personal messages, such as family.

Many cool hand tattoos for men are also motivational or sometimes inspirational. It contains a meaningful message beyond just strength and masculinity. However, sometimes men’s just want to display really great artwork to show the love for the body art.

Hand Tattoos For Men Meaning

From now on whenever you saw hand tattoos keep in mind that person is really strong in personality. Many people choose the hand tattoos for personal or some political reasons like –

  • Hands are highly visible it good for showing body art.
  • Hands are most painful place for tattoo, because human hands skin is very thin, this signifies a high level commitment to the tattoo.
  • Hands sometimes chosen spot for religious tattoos. More specifically, Christian tattoos uses for hand tattoos because of the correlation to the crucifixion of Jesus.
  • Some people do ring tattoos on their ring fingers, it signifies that will still be present when a wedding band is not.

 If you want to do a a hand tattoo, keep in mind that it is very visible and also a very painful place to get it. Hands are also infected easily because they are the most used part of the body in day-to-day activities. Thus if you want to plan to have your hands tattooed, plan to have a few days to yourself. Therefore you can keep the new work in a safe environment during initial healing.

Hand Tattoos For Men Ideas

  1. Hamsa Hand Tattoo

 Hamsa hand tattoos are a symbol of the ‘Hand of God’. This design is a good option for those who are looking for a meaningful hand tattoo. It indicates luck, health, and good fortune;  protect from Ayin Hara, which is known as the evil eye. You can choose to have it placed upside down or any other way. It is a beautiful ink that you can choose to wear with pride.

  • Side Hand Tattoo

If you are not confident with entire hand tattoos the try the side hand tattoo. This looks smart also. It set perfectly in one side of your hand. Whether it is a positive affirmation or a dainty design, it is an elegant and timeless position for your next body art. Keep in mind that to avoid anything with too much detail, as the tattoo may wear off with time.

  • Elephant Hand Tattoo

Elephant is the universal symbol of strength and resilience. This type of tattoo is an excellent choice for your hand. When you your mind to get it you can choose the traditional route and select the center of your fist. You can incorporate your fingers and have the middle digit as its trunk. Add other symbolic designs throughout the piece or make it photo-realistic, it doesn’t matter what will look more & more beautiful because it’s upto you, the choice is yours.

  • Praying Hand Tattoo

Show your faith with praying hand tattoo. From a small, delicate design to a sketch it covers the space of the wrist and fingers and also this is a great way to make yourself into a piece of art. This type of tattoo looks best with clean lines, so find an artist who can create organic easily and intricate details with. This one consider for the most symbolic pieces in religious culture. This is a good place for your body art.

  • Scorpion Hand Tattoo

Don’t be afraid to showcase your star sign with this amazing scorpion tattoo. This type of design symbolizes control, power, and offers a unique flair to that person’s body’s canvas. Place this scorpion tattoo on the corner of fist, or have the arachnid crawling up on wrist; this is a great option for all lovers of this mighty creature.

  • Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Butterfly symbolises freedom, beauty, and change. A butterfly tattoo is a perfect piece for hand tattoo. It is the good opportunity to design something spectacular on skin. It dose not matter that weather be with bold colours, clean lines, or a mix between the two. Concern with your artist to create a butterfly tattoo that you will adore to showing off.

Star tattoo symbolises harking back to strength and energy. This mind-blowing art represents the fight against the darkness and the ability to shine out from the rest. Adding a bit of sparkle to the design with shading and jewel tones, this will be some tattoo that you’ll want to show off over and over. Star hand tattoo indicates the strength of the universe or the galaxy.

Hand Tattoos For Men Designs

There are so many amazing design for hand tattoos. Here some designs given below-

  • Leaf hand tattoo
  • Lion hand tattoo
  • Feather hand tattoo
  • Rose hand tattoo
  • Cloud hand tattoo
  • Name hand tattoo
  • Crown hand tattoo
  • Galaxy hand tattoo
  • Simple hand tattoo
  • Flute hand tattoo
  • Tribal hand tattoo
  • Cute hand tattoo
  • Heart hand tattoo
  • Purple heart tattoo

From the above list you get some design ideas. Now you can choose what will be best for you. Either you can create your own art that relate with you so much that will be best idea. You must have to remembering the thing that hands are really sensitive place because of thin skin lair. So wisely think about it, weather you can tolerate the pain or not. And also this is the most visible place hard to hide it.

If you choose professional life then it’s not for you. Additionally, if you determine to get hand tattoo then again think about what type of tattoo you want at that place what will represents you the most, what’s your passion, which is the most important thing for you or for what you live your life. Thus, think it wisely. And if you just want a beautiful or cool or smart or just to show the your love for tattoo then you choose according to your test.

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