Forearm Tattoo Designs Idea With Meaning For Men Women

One of the most popular and also a common tattoo location is forearm. Basically, forearm is the part of human arm which is between elbow and the wrist. In other word it’s lower arm, not full sleeve. In anatomy, the term forearm used to distinguish it from the arm.

Many people wanted to do forearm tattoo because that’s the place where both small and large size tattoo looks good together. Many celebrities, musicians, footballer have forearm Tattoo.

Forearm Tattoo Meaning

The forearm is a place that is not usually covered with clothes specially in summer. So tattoos in that place are easily visible. When someone made a forearm tattoo it obviously shows her/ his confidence and honesty. That type of tattoo also shows person’s passion. The small details in forearm tattoo indicates that person’s life moot which is really meaningful for them. Therefore, forearm tattoo tell us that person’s strength, confidence, passion & honesty.

There are generally three types of forearm tattoos – forearm sleeve tattoo, inner forearm tattoo and outer forearm tattoo.

Whoever choose forearm sleeve tattoo they are definitely wanted to be a center of attention. It cover the entire forearm portion from front to back. Though it’s much painful but also it’s a great option for show off.

Inner forearm tattoo is the best place for men. For example, a man with rolling up sleeves showing his bold inner tattoo in his muscular hand , of course it’s too much attractive. But it’s really hurtful because inner forearm skins are thin. So if you want to look attractive then you have to tolerate the pain.

Thankfully outer forearm tattoo is least painful among of them that’s why its bit famous. Simple long type of tattoo is good for that place.

Forearm Tattoos Ideas

Here some ideas for men & women–

1.Rose Forearm Tattoo: Rose tattoo indicates the love & the high level of passion of that person. Rose tattoo on forearm showing the love for art & also the passion.

Rose symbolises the love life or love for family, friends and other closest one. However, different colours of roses signifies different meanings. Pink rose for new love and innocence. Black rose signifies loss of loved ones, death, some bad memories. White rose is mysterious, it indicates some spiritual thoughts. Yellow rose is for happiness and good memories. Purple rose refers that person’s royalty.

2. Cross Forearm Tattoo: In Christianity they believe to save the humanity Jesus died. That’s why people consider it has a great meaning & importance. Cross forearm tattoo indicates so many things like spirituality, sacrifice, death, life transformation, faith, peace, love for family and so on.

3. Name Forearm Tattoo: This tattoo simply refers the love for that name. For example, many people use their partners name, parents name, children’s while other choose role model, ideal person or some of choose meaningful song’s name. Whenever someone choose name forearm tattoo it’s shows his/her unconditional love for that particular name.

4. Lion Forearm Tattoo: We all know lion is the king of forest. If there is any animal live in forest still lion never eats grass on the floor. That’s the personality of lion. So when a person choose lion tattoo for forearm it’s showing his/her strong personality, strength & attitude.  Keep in mind attitude is not bad things, if you don’t have attitude in life then you don’t have a great personality.

5. Small Forearm Tattoo: You love to make Tattoo on your body but you can’t tolerate the pain then choose small forearm tattoo it will be less painful. You can choose many geometric figure, card figure [ clubs (♣), diamonds (♦), hearts (♥), and spades (♠)]. Small tattoos on forearm also looks stylish.

8. Dragon Forearm Tattoo: Dragon tattoo is really a great choice for forearm. Dragon tattoo has many meanings. It shows the strength, power, good luck, protection, wisdom. Chinese and Japanese dragon has different meaning & the colour of them also indicates different things according to their mythology. It’s pretty common for East Asians.

9. Religious Forearm Tattoo: It’s a spiritual tattoo. When someone makes a religious tattoo that mean they find a way to connect with God. They relax themselves in that way.

10. Arrow Forearm Tattoo: It’s a native American culture. It signify a powerful weapon in war. Some people thought it’s a motivational tattoo because arrow shows the direction to move this way or this way. Arrow also signifies to moving forward it’s better than to stuck in former situation. On the other hand it refers the strength.

11. Compass Forearm Tattoo: It is also motivational tattoo similar as arrow tattoo. In the forest or the any unknown place compass is the material which show the direction.  In a adventurous journey compass find the way when you are really greedy for the right path. Therefore some people thought compass tattoo is a lucky charm.

12. Clock  Forearm Tattoo: This tattoo shows the time of the precious life. The most famous musician Jeon Jungkook from BTS choose a clock tattoo on his forearm. For him it’s represent his song “My Time”. This song depicts he growing up in the spotlight and he want to find the time he belongs in. Clock tattoo shows the depression of the life like him everyone knows his luxurious life but no one knows his mental condition.

Forearm Tattoo Designs

There are many good ideas for forearm tattoo, because on forearm any type of tattoo looks good, weather it large or small doesn’t matter. If you love to draw then you can choose your own art for tattoo like mandala  art. You can choose phoenix tattoo, flame tattoo or some quotes of your role model. Other ideas are – (a)Wolf forearm tattoo (b) Card game tattoo (c) Star tattoo (d) Small birds (e) Geometric shapes tattoo (f) Mathematical expression (like infinity, divider) tattoo (g) Bracelet tattoo (h) Semi colon (;) tattoo and so on.

What type of tattoo will be best for you its depend on you. Give your choice a great priority. Choose wisely what represent you the most ,listen your heart.

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