Couple Tattoo Designs Idea With Meaning For Men Women

For those people who are floating in a love sea couple & also want to do some tattoo then it will be best to choose couple tattoo. Couple tattoo make a bold statement about couples relationship. It shows the world what their other half means to them.

By do permanent remarks on your body will always remind you the love ones? Couple tattoo shows the great bonding of partners. Keep in mind couple tattoo is not for only the romantic couples, it can be the bonding of mother, siblings, best friend, and also it can be 3 or 4 or more than that.

To choose a couple tattoo you can take your artist help, listen your partner or partners. Either you can show your creativity at this point. One thing you have to keep in mind that all of you & your partners must agree with it & that signifies your relationship.

Couple Tattoo Meaning With Men and Women

Couple tattoo represent the previous relationships. The relationship between two lovers, two best friends, mother & daughter/son, siblings or a group of best  buddy’s.

Each and every relationships are precious to them and when they choose a permanent remark on their body obviously that must meaningful to them. It also shows the trust between the couples.

Couple Tattoos

There doesn’t exist any specific types of couple tattoo because in this world there are so many varieties of relationship. But here we can discuss about some common couple tattoos.

  1. Small tattoo:

Small tattoo is a good choice for couple tattoo. Whether its about tattoo that doesn’t mean a large one tattoo can be small. Small tattoo are more meaningful & a smart idea. Small tattoo also looks unique. Another benefit of it is that it suits the style very well. At a low budget you get amazing body art. Last but not the least it’s low painful. And for beginners it’s great choice.

  • Yin and yang tattoo:

Yin and yang is very symbolic art for couple tattoo. Actually yin and yang is a two different halves which fit together perfectly. Yin means the feminine energy and yang means the masculine. When this two different poles join together it make a perfect Circle. In tattoo sense though two persons behaviour are completely different but when they spent time together they are really fine & perfect. They completed each other lumps when the are together. It make the relationship more stronger.

  • Lock & key tattoo:

Only that person can open the door who has the key. That sense works when some couple do lock & key tattoo. Only your loved one can open your heart and stay inside. In other way , it also refer that all the emotions are locked, it will be unlocked only when your loved one opens it with the key he/she has. Lock & key is looks good mainly at inner forearm, ankle and hands. You can make it large or small, fantastic design or just simple, depends on your choices. It’s a versatile idea.

In ancient Romans was believed that in the left hand ring finger has a vein which directly connect to the heart. They named it the vein of love. It’s incredibly romantic idea for couples who wants to make couple tattoo. That idea best for lover couples. It represents the couple’s are closest to their heart, true love, trust which smooth the relationship.

  • Disney couple tattoo:

Whoever fall in love know well that love can make you feel like a child from the heart which Disney films do. Disneyland known as ‘The happiest place on the Earth‘. So it it’s perfect to choose as a tattoo to show the person who make you a child again. It can be your lover or can be your bestie with whom you always do some childish behaviour. And also it can be your beloved parents for them you are always a child.

  • Puzzle piece tattoo:

That type similar to the yin & yang concept. Puzzle piece tattoo is metaphor for couple fit perfectly. It’s gives the vibe of connection with your buddy. It symbolises that feel like someone find their missing pieces.

  • Sun tattoo:

Some people describe their partner as a light in their life. Its nourishing and invigorating. One thing you have to know about matching couple tattoos is that they don’t have to be match exactly. It can be slightly different designs or placement.

You obviously hear the line “you give me butterfly in my stomach” isn’t it ? Butterflies symbolises rebirth and transformation and make a powerful impact on a strong relationship. It’s look beautiful on back. It can be small & simple or you can make it large and decorative.

Couple Tattoos Ideas

Here so many ideas present for couple tattoo

  • Wolf Couple Tattoo

Wolves are known as wild and untameable. In reality, these amazing creatures stay with their family, with their chosen mates just like human do. Wolves are incredibly loyal for their family. When they couple up, they will stay together for many years, hunting, playing, and raising their cubs together, they are not like other animals. A wolf couple tattoo symbolises a pair who trust their partners, and will protect each other at all costs.

  • Lesbian Couple Tattoo

Ladies, there are so many ways to express your love for your wife or girlfriend through a couple’s tattoo, like matching flowers and lips, rainbow hearts, double feminine symbol and many more. It will be cute option if you choose a simple line drawing of two girls with their arms around each other. This designs represent to the intimacy of two women feel for each other when they fall in love.

  • Gay Couple Tattoo

 Gay couple tattoos not only symbolize the love for the partner, but also they can be a durable visual reminder always to be proud of who you are. If you do couple tattoo during the month of Pride Month, you can make a  rainbow-themed design. If you like a simple tattoo, a meaningful choice for gay the double triangle. The upwards pointing, three-pointed shape represents the masculine energy force. Thus when two of them are together, it shows the love between two men. It is a great couple tattoo idea.

Couple Tattoo Designs

In the above we discussed about many tattoos & design from the them you can choose your one. Here some more – Cute couples tattoo, unique, king & queen, quotes, married couples, love, infinity, skull couple tattoo, for-ever, always, some music names, heart in another dimension etc.

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